The Board of Education, administrators, and faculty members of the Janesville School extend to you a sincere welcome. Upon entering Janesville Schools, a student should recognize that our school is essentially a democracy in action. A student will choose his/her leaders, and he/she will be a leader when merited.

Each person in a democracy has certain inalienable rights. However, students must impose limits upon themselves. They must, for example, be responsible for their own conduct. Conduct in our school is largely a matter of self-discipline where the good of the group receives first consideration. The welfare of the school is largely in the hands of the students. We realize you are looking forward to the preparation of a career but remember every day you are becoming what you will be someday. Cooperation and service by every student can make this an outstanding year for Janesville Schools and for you.


A school is judged by its students and a student by his school. For this reason, it is the responsibility of every Janesville student to follow certain rules, which help create good citizenship. Students should be self-reliant, respect the rights of others, and conduct themselves at all times in a manner acceptable in our school, community, and society.


The administration, faculty, parents and student representatives have prepared this handbook for the students of the Janesville Schools. The handbook is not designed to answer all questions or to solve all problems that may arise, but it should serve as a guide to the requirements, policies, activities, and functions of the school. NOTE: Changes may be made to this handbook, at any time. If there is a change made to the handbook, all students will be made aware of the changes in writing.

Handbook Statement: The school administration reserves the right to change, amend, or add such rules and regulations as deemed necessary to implement and carry out the intent of the school policy to maintain the proper conduct and disciplinary control of its students for the good order, efficiency, management, and /or welfare of the school and its personnel.