Emily Stensland - Language Arts


Emily Stensland - Language Arts


   I am looking forward to a great year as a middle school literacy teacher.
   My mission as an educator is to be a positive role model who guides others through learning and finding the meaning in life. I believe that all students can learn and be successful in my classes if they put forth the effort that I ask. We are about becoming better readers, writers, thinkers, and people.
   I really like to be around middle school students! They prove to be
creative, funny, and eager to learn. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
literature and language classes.
   I have been at Janesville since 1997 and previously taught at Hawkeye Community College and Denver and Hudson Community Schools. I am a graduate of UNI and am a Janesville alum. My three children and my husband were also Wildcats! #JanesvillePride


My daily planning time is at 8:30. 

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